Where the heart is

All too often of late I have either been at work or I've been on the computer.

Fortunately, I have a family.  Unfortunately, they all too often feel as though I'm absent, even when I'm sitting within feet of them.

Today was family day.  We cleaned together, we ate salmon and potato chip sandwiches, we played a game my youngest designed and produced.  Then this evening we celebrated a child's birthday a day early by going to see a movie and eating at Chuck E. Cheese's.

It takes a while to get rid of 100 tokens, but we did it.  We actually had a really great time.

I'm blessed to have a wonderful and sweet husband.  I've had the other kind.  Not recommended.  Our girls are at a golden age right now, and we've managed to develop a family culture that is very gentle and loving.  I'm a very lucky person.

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