Found a free way to convert those pesky docx files: www.zamzar.com - zamzar converts lots of stuff, like docs to mp3 format (ala kindle)...


Not enough sleep this past week - my body decided I need to slow down. Good it waited until after my pitch for $2M to help improve sonar...


My daughter just taught me about blackle.com - Think google, but the screen is black (to save energy, don't you know). Cool!


Oops - time to go study how to make ping.fm send my blog posts to my blog and not to twitter and Facebook...

Mother's Day

I know today is the official "Mother's Day," but yesterday was the real treat!

The weather was beautiful, and I ended up spending the day with my daughters (husband man was home resting after minor surgery, alas).

First we went shopping - a fun thing I don't get to do very often with the daughters (the sorrow of being the wage earner in the family).

Next we went to Alexandria to tour the USS Freedom, first of the Littoral Combat Ships. It was a nice show, and my daughters were nicely impressed. They got to sit in the XO's chair on the bridge, and I had to drag at least one of them away from the fun technology toys. They both wanted posters to show their classes.

On the way home, we saw a sign labeled "Mount Vernon." On a whim, we followed the sign and drove down to Washington's estate. To my surprise, the grounds were open. It's been over 15 years since my last visit, and Mount Vernon is more impressive than ever. The weather was lovely, and the baby lambs were gambolling in the fields, having escaped from the fenced paddocks.


In other news, I went "live" with my website redesign: http://megstout.com Come by, visit, and tell me what you think.
So now I can post to my "social network(s)" from Skype. Wild. And my daughter just gave family across the country a video tour of my home.