Ten Year Journal

A few weeks ago I came across a ten+ year journal - a lovely book that allows one to keep over ten years of brief journal entries all together.  I ordered one for my family and it's fabulous.

But I ordered a second (third and fourth) that started in 2007.  One I gave to a woman who has a small child, so she could (if she wants to) go back and record her earliest memories of him.  The second I gave to my daughter, who last year started dating the man she will marry this summer.  The third book I've kept, for me to write about my writing.

From a purely practical standpoint, it is a central place to keep all the notes for when I buy writing-related stuff.  But I look forward to seeing what happens over the years as I continue on this journey.

As for last night's writer's block - I climbed the wall.  I don't know how good it is, but I have an appointment to sit down with Orson Scott Card for an hour on Monday.  I've done this once before (with the opening chapter) and came away exhilarated but severely humbled.  This time I'm bringing a 900 word synopsis as well as the prologue.

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