Prop 8 and Hate Crimes

I don't partake of news if I can help it.

But I came across the factoid that some young Polynesian men allegedly attacked some gay rights activists who were picketing the Mormon temple in Oakland, CA.

Since the Polynesian men were caught on camera ripping posters off the temple gates one would assume they are Mormon.

However, since they were screaming epithets (and allegedly swinging punches off camera), they were not acting Mormon.  Whether Mormon or not.

I think of my first husband.  His drill sergeant found out he was Mormon.  Called him into his office.

"I'm going to break you, boy."

First husband had seen the sergeant working over a fellow Mormon, a rather scrawny young man.  The sergeant had ordered the rest of the platoon perform standing push-ups until the Mormon private agreed to smoke a cigarette.  The private stopped coming to church after that.

The man who would become my first husband stuck his chest out and drew himself to full height.

"Sir, I smoke, I drink, and I whore around.  But I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. You can't break me, sir."

This is hearsay, of course.  After all, I wasn't actually there, nor do I have this incident on tape.  But it goes to illustrate the point that people from your group, whatever that group may be, can act in ways that make you absolutely squirm.

Since the Polynesian men who are alleged to have attacked the gay activists were caught on tape, they will doubtless be brought to justice.  Since they were attacking gay activists rather than random hoodlums, they will be accused of having committed a hate crime.

But in the media, an entire church is being tried in the court of public opinion.

Alas, we read the Sermon on the Mount tonight.  And so I've been reminded of His commandment:

"...behold I say unto you, love [all mankind, including] your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you..."

And so tonight our family's prayer was that the people in LA [and California] will all be safe and treat one another with respect.


JeejandDinda said...

Jesus himself was "brought to justice" for making those of his own religion squirm. I'm sure the Jews felt quite squirmy about the cleansing of the temple.

Okishdu said...

2 Timothy gives another strategy: From such turn away. In either case, you don't confront.