LDS Temple to be Built in Rome Italy

President Monson just announced the location of five new LDS temples:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Cordoba, Argentina
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Rome, Italy

So the joyful screaming you may have heard at 1215 EDT today was from Annandale, VA.
[I was an LDS missionary in the Rome, Italy, mission from 1984 to 1985.]



Anonymous said...

do you know when it opens? i want to send my parents to rome to see the temple open house!

Meg Stout said...

It will take a couple/few years. I don't know if they will have already acquired the property, and then there will be permits to obtain and construction to be done.

But, yeah, sounds like a trip to Italy is in my future!

John said...

It's my understanding (I went to Padova mission 1992 to 1994) that the property is acquired. It sounds like all the approvals are finally in place.

It's hard to believe Italy has six stakes now: Alessandria, Milan, Verona, Venice, Rome, and Puglia.

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting that there will be a temple in Rome! yeah!!! This adds to my already strong desire to eventually visit Rome. This is going to be so awsome!

Meg Stout said...

Oh heck - just realized the Kansas City temple will be in Missouri (I'm awful at geography). Corrected the main post.

I mean, Oklahoma City is in Oklahoma. Iowa City is in Iowa. Kansas City is next to Kansas...

The reason a Kansas City temple is important, for those who care about LDS matters, is that Joseph Smith received a revelation in 1832 telling him to build a temple in western Missouri. Im my childhood I always kind of expected to be told to drop everything and congregate with everyone else out in western Missouri (Independence, Missouri, to be exact).

How kind of President Monson not to announce it as the Independence, Missouri, temple. That might have caused a bit of a commotion. Maybe that's why the folks at the conference center itself were tittering after the announcement. I missed anything else that might have caused the tittering because I was busy screaing about Rome.

Anonymous said...

KC is both in MO and KS--something like St. Louis, MO and East St. Louis, IL, or Nogales in the U.S. and Mexico. President Monson said something like "The Kansas City Metro Area". It could go either way, but the "nicer" areas are on the KS side.

Scott M. Roberts said...


I whooped and hollered and began to bawl when they announced the temple in Rome. (I served in Milan, '94-'96)